Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Today I am thankful for many things related to this rhubarb. First, that it was growing in Amber's backyard while she was living down in Cedar going to school. I am thankful that I SAW it growing there, thankful that the owners told her she could take what was growing in the backyard (because they don't take it or use it [refer back to last fall and all those apples I posted about]), and I am thankful Amber had a super sharp knife handy (despite all her stuff being packed up to move home) with which I could harvest this!

I am also thankful that it has survived happily, bagged up in the back of my fridge, for 6 weeks now, waiting til I could bake a pie. Well, I have ZERO time for baking non-essentials this week, so I chopped it up and froze it. But the last thing for which I am thankful is that the rhubarb I harvested yielded exactly the amount I would need to bake 1 pie, AND make 1 batch of one of my most favorite summer-time treats: berry-rhubarb ice cream. It is the BEST! But for now, to the freezer with you, 7 cups of sliced rhubarb! I'll be seeing YOU later!