Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It turned out OK!

Today I am thankful that my bread loaves turned out OK. I haven't made bread except for once since last spring, and I have gotten out of practice. I also made some white loaves today, for Julia (we ate one tho!), and they came out OK too. Yum! I love that I know how to do this! I also am thankful for the little finger prints in the loaves, that Julia made when the bread was rising. Little finger prints. So cute.

Monday, November 9, 2009


Today (everyday!) I am thankful for the cute head of golden brown curls that Julia has. These are not likely to last, I'm afraid. I think they are just baby curls that she will eventually outgrow. So, for today, I make sure to savor them, run my fingers through them, brush them (but not too vigorously!), and smell the sweet baby-hair smell. This is one thing I really feel compelled to be thankful for, since I know it is fleeting and won't be back to enjoy again next year, like other things will. LOVE THESE CURLS!

Emma and her cookies

I am thankful that Emma likes to bake cookies. Since we ALL love to eat them, everyone wins! Thank you, Emma!

Clear windshields...

Today I am thankful for my son Adam and that I taught him to turn on the car and the defroster and the heater so that when we run out the door to drive to school, the car is not only toasty warm, but the ice on the windshield is gone, and I can drive right on past all those folks scraping their windshields in the cold freezing morning! Thanks, Adam! (Sorry there is no picture. I can wait two more weeks to remember to take a picture, but then I'd be the absentee blogger I swore I'd never be, so, there ya have it for today.)