Saturday, January 16, 2010


Today I am thankful that, although spreading out my child-bearing over 18 years has its challenges, it also has its benefits. One thing that came to mind is that I like to nurse my babies for what some people consider a long time, a year and a half, or more. My older children will have grown up seeing this, and will hopefully follow that example. I was only 8 when my mom had her last baby, so many things about baby-rearing I was not able to learn by example, just because I was quite young. I hope that my older children will be able to learn some good things from watching me mother my little ones. I also hope they will let the bad things I do slide right thru their memories and be forgotten!


  1. I often hope that my son will remember his sisters extended nursing...

  2. The bad things won't be forgotten. And that's the point. We will learn from them. That's better than forgetting.