Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Deliciously Delightful Roses

Today I am grateful for my next-door neighbor's blooming roses.  I do not have roses in my yard, so I make up excuses to walk past her yard and bury my nose in her deliciously fragrant roses.  There is no scent on earth to compare with roses--I cannot describe it.  If you have smelled roses, you know just what I mean.  If you, for some reason, have never smelled roses, go find some QUICK, and inhale deeply.  


  1. Hooray!!! I love that you started a blog. No pressure!
    P.S. I can totally hear your voice saying, "go find some QUICK..."

  2. So excited to hear more from Ingrid! We are headed to the park today so I'll watch for roses! -Karmel

  3. I wish my nose wasn't so plugged (totally mouth breathing today...yuck!) because those look like they smell wonderfully delicious! My mom has yellow ones in her backyard that smell just as a rose should. I bend down to smell and stay awhile.

    So excited to read more. And totally no pressure. It will just be fun when there is something!