Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Modern Medicine

I am usually not one to tout the wonders of modern medicine; I prefer to let my body do the healing on its own and not interfere with something that someone thought up that they think is superior to nature's way.  HOWEVER!  Today, after fighting a headache all yesterday afternoon, hoping to sleep it away last night, and waking up STILL WITH IT this morning, I am super thankful for good ol' Excedrin, which can kick an almost-migraine in 30 minutes.  My day was doable, thanks to Excedrin.  


  1. never tried it... but I've heard great things. I'm glad you're feeling better!

  2. Yeah, I only use Excedrin probably once every 2 years or so. But when last night's sleep didn't work, and the next day's sleep is nowhere near the horizon yet, I have to act. I might've used Advil and a Coke, but I was in my PJs and did not want to go out to get a Coke! I took the Excedrin, went back to bed, and was good to go in 30 minutes.