Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My baby

Today I am thankful for the amazing year I have had as the mother of this oh-so-sweet baby girl.  Yesterday was her first birthday, and I took this picture of the two of us.  I am thankful to have a photo of us together, since we are always together, yet I always seem to be only behind the camera.  I held my arm out and snapped this pic of us both.  I'll remember this day forever: Julia played in the yard, discovering the hose trickling, and she spent a nice hour eating a leisurely lunch and learning to say the word "cracker."  She likes her crackers with hummus!  What a treasure the day was, and what a treasure this sweet baby girl is.  Bye bye, infancy.  Here's to growing up!


  1. Happy birthday Julia! That first year goes by way to fast! She is so pretty!

  2. I love that you share the same rosy cheeks. What a beautiful memory!

  3. I had forgotten to look at your blog with all the busyness of the summer. What a treat!
    The tomato sandwich looks so yummy. It reminded me of the purple onion sandwiches my freshman roomies and I made in the summer of 1966 in Young Hall. The father of one of our roomies was a produce broker--he sold Clover Club all of the potatoes they needed for chips--and would bring us 25 lb. bags of onions. We were very creative in using them so they wouldn't spoil. Thanks for stirring a very old memory.
    You should put a picture of today's culinary masterpiece on this blog.